Internationalisation of Electronic Communications Training

What do we offer?

On these pages you can find key information about the IntEleCT project and its outputs:

  • Set of publicly accessible online courses covering the area of electronic communications (details…)

For whom?

The courses are targeted at employees who need to update their knowledge with respect to the recent development of technology.

Who can help me?

The courses are tutored, i.e. supported by an e-learning teacher who will guide you according to your actual needs through technical as well as professional issues.


The authors of the courses are experts from universities and industrial companies in seven EU countries (details…)

For how much?

The expenses related to course development and pilot run during the whole year 2011 are fully covered by EU grant and by the project partners. Tuition is completely free for course participants who will register for study in 2011.


The online courses are provided in electronic form for distance learning. All that is necessary for the trainees is an Internet connection and a computer with Internet browser.

What about the duration?

It depends on you, on your previous knowledge and experience, on your time, and on your ability to absorb new information. The recommended duration of study is two hours five times a week within two months (per course).


Successful course participants can obtain a certificate.