• The major objective of the proposed project is to update the complex study material that consists of six different courses covering the area of electronic communications, supplemented by a set of appropriate certificates, and to transfer these learning tools to national conditions and environments. The said instruments will help especially the employees and specialists in the respective area who need re-qualification or knowledge update to keep and/or improve their position in the job market by the means of lifelong learning; this is particularly important from the viewpoint of financial crisis and alleviation of its consequences.
  • The principal output of the project will be a set of six LLL courses transferred from the Train2Cert project, covering the area of electronic communications, offering a variety of available languages (EN, CZ, PL, SK, FR, IT, SI, ES) according to the selection of the national partners. A multilingual tool for continuing education in the said area has not been prepared in such extent and quality so far.
  • Another output will be a corresponding set of certificates transferred from the InCert project, suitable for evaluation of the trainees after taking the said courses, also available in the listed languages.
  • Both products will be primarily developed as online applications within a learning management system that will offer also tutoring and supervision capabilities; however, a laboratory&computer training part will be included in the schedule of the courses, which will be also necessary for the certification process.
  • Secondary outputs will include support instruments for project management and for the transferred courses; some of the necessary tools will be transferred from the previous project ELefANTC.